Garments information


  1.Factory Position, Equipment & Labour Facility Inspection- Factory Inspection time should be follow -
        (i) Location & Area of Factory,
        (ii) Category of Factory,
        (iii) Total Machinery,
        (vi) Man power ( Prohibition of forced Labor & Child Labor,Compensation and Benefits, Health and      Safety, )
        (v) Bank Support,

         2. Material Inspection:- Fabric and Yarn (lab-Dip Strike off/Colour Continuity/Shrinkage/Storage etc,)
            Accessories (Pull test /Nickel test, Needle  Detector test, Chemical test etc)
         3. Production & Process Inspection : -
         Two stage of Production and process inspection,i. Initial Inspection ii. Inline Inspection.
         i. Initial Inspection : - It is too much important for QC team after trial cutting of 300 Pieces covering all sizes and colours,
            This is to ensure conformance to requirements, This inspection is very important in order to get a smooth running production,
            At this stage it is still possible to find and solve problems without causing any major problems in the production.
         ii. Inline Inspection : - Inline Inspection too much important for Final Inspection, because all problems identified during inline inspections.
            When submitted a inline inspection report then you collect newest update information from store/Cutting/Sewing Production/finishing Manager.   
        4. Final Inspection for Ship out : -
            AQL/General Inspection Level. Normal Inspection / Single Sampling /Double Sampling System too much important for Final Inspection.


(i) Packing instruction not follow as per Buyer Requirements,
    (ii) Visible when using and noticeable to the customer.
    (iii) Affecting the usefulness of the goods.


Combinations of 3 minor defects, will be treated as One major defects,
        If one major defects is found together with minors, the whole garment should be counted
        as one major defect.
        *** If a critical defect is found when inspection running, the entire complete Garments should
        be reject and 100% re-check by QC team.

 Remark :-Prevent quality problem is much better than finding quality problem at final production stage which any body can not help.It only
                     caused the order totally rejected shipment.  


There are Three defects too much Important for Exportable or shippable Garments
(i) Critical defects,
(ii) Major defects,
iii) Minor defects,


        (i) Missing of Destination /Label/RN/Barcode/UPC etc.
        (ii) Chemical Restriction - AZO/OEKO-TEX Restriction.
        (iii) Children Safety Care (Pull test/Needle Detector test/Nickel test)
        (iv) Missing of Flambility Instruction.


        (i) Not visible when using and not noticeable to the customer,
        (ii) Not affecting the usefulness of goods.