Garments information


The Counter Sample is to provide PSTD with a correct sample for final approval, before the production can start, Various tests will be made by PSTD. An approved counter sample is no. disclaimer from the suppliers responsibility to observe and comply with with PSTD Quality standards and Requirements, PSTD Safety Requirements for Babies and Children's wear and PSTD Chemical restrictions.
Counter Sample must be made by actual bulk fabric, quality and colour, in accordance with the order, paper pattern, measurement list and any comments on previous samples. The order is only valid after approval of the counter sample.
 All accessories and label must be made in correct quality and attached at the right positions.

Photo sample

The  photo sample does not have to be in bulk fabric but the style, Quality, Colour and accessories must to the order and the actual production.
HOW TO MEASURE : - PSTD requires that all suppliers measure goods in the exact same way as PSTD.
COLOUR :-PSTD recognises visual evaluation of coliours with the support of a spectrophotometer. All visual colour matching must be carried out in a light box.


A style sample must be sent for approval of style, measurements, fitting and workmanship, according to the measurement list,paper pattern, sketches and specification of details Sample should be made in a quality with composition, construction and weight as close as possible to the bulk. The colour should be similar to original colour or approved lab dip.
SIZE SET : - A size set consist of a sample in each size or a jumping size set, The size set must be sent for approval or style, measurements fitting, Grading and workmanship according to the measurement list 'paper pattern', sketches and specification of details. Samples should be made in quality with composition, construction and weight as close as possible to the bulk.The colour should be similar to original colour or approved lab dip. 

sample producer

(i) The sizes requested and the deadlines for each sample are indicated on the order sheet.
        PSTD order dose not become valid until PSTD has approved a counter sample provided by supplier.
(ii) PSTD reserves the right to cancel any order if the sample requirements are not met.
(iii) All sample must be marked with order number, Department number, Suppliers name, Date,
        Sample name, and sent to the PSTD local office.
(iv) PSTD or an independent company will make various tests on counter samples,production samples
        and incoming deliveries.


For many orders PSTD requires sample for advertising purpose and fashion shows. The fashion sample can never replace or be considered as one other required samples. Fashions sample have to be sent latest on the required date by prepared courier or express registered airmail to the attention of the press contact in each country.