Garments information


The purpose of the lab dip is to establish an an approved colour match to the PSTD original colur for bulk production. The purpose of the strikeoff/ hand loom is to establish the design and the colour combination of a print or yarn dyed fabric with a printer/ weaver. The lab dip should be in the actual fabric or material for the order.minimum required size of lab-dip is 4x10 cm. strike off/ hand loom  should be large enough to show a full repeat of the design. Windings might substitute the hand loom.
For yarn dyed woven checks / stripes it is recommended to send a piece of loom for approval .
    For yarn dyed jersey and heavy knit, yarn should preferably by knitted into a swatch using a sample sock machine or available method. If this is not             possible, the yarn must bewrapped around a board. The yarn must cover a surface of minimum 4x4 cm. The board cannot show through the yarn, and         must not contain optical whiteners.
    lab- dips/strike offs/ hand looms must be securely mounted to a piece of paper, face side up,with the order number, date and original lab dip/ design             number.


The colour must be matched in Daylight D65 (e.g philips TLD 965) and PSTD shop light TL83 (e,g philips TLD 830 ) and must not display a dramatic difference in colour appearance in a light (e.g light bulb 40 wstt)
The light box must be placed in a dark room or with the possibility of total darkness.
The light box must have neutral grey walls a non shiny surface on the inside. The grey tone should be similar to mun sell N7. The lamps should be changed every 1300 hour or once every year.
Two persons must be aligned in the same direction.
                                                                        The samples must be aligned in the same direction. 


    A Colour continuity record must be created as a reference of every dye lot.
    Colour continuity swatches must be minimum 4x10 cm.
    Each swatch should be securely mounted on a piece of paper, face side up,with the ends,wales or pole runing in the same direction,labelled clearly with         date,batch and family number, length in meter/yard and planned country.
    For washed garments swatches of all shade lots should be stitched together as a patchwork (blanket) Wash according to specification, in order to sort the         different shades into families prior to cutting, recorded with date, bate, and family number, length in meter/yard and planned country.
    A spectrophotometer colour report is recommended to be included in the colour continuity record.
    Records must be available for PSTD and kept for at least 6 months.